1989 World Champion - Chambery

After winning the Tour de France in the same year and making an unbelievable comeback, Greg started at the World Championships of 1989 in Chambery (France). The circuit was situated in the french Savoie region near the Mont Blanc. The riders had to climb the Col de Montagnole during 17 laps. In the first part of the race LeMond wasn't really fealing good and he was thinking of quitting the race. But then it started raining and Greg felt better and better. In the last lap he and his rival during the last Tour de France, Laurent Fignon, were still in front of the race. When Fignon attacked on the last climb Greg felt very strong. He reacted, got him back and counter attacked him. He couldn't make a big gap because they already reached the top of the climb. Steve Bauer had a puncture during the fast and dangerous descent. In the streets of Chambery an elite group was ready to sprint for the title. In that group Fignon, Kelly, Konyshev and off course LeMond. He started the sprint very soon but no one could pass him anymore. Greg crossed the finish line with his arm right up in the air and his mouth wide open. His second World Champion title was a fact. Het beated Sean Kelly and Dimitri Konyshev in the sprint. No one ever beleived that Greg could make such a come back after his hunting accident. A few months later he was proud to be the Sportsman of the Year in the U.S.

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